Exploring Audio Dramas: From Quiet, Please to Limetown

I’ve always enjoyed radio plays, be they dramas, comedies, thrillers, or historical retellings. I didnt even know Blizzard was getting into the mix, and that just highlights some of the creativity thats left over in the company even as they seem to falter.


Superior Realities

Lately I’ve been looking for new ways to occupy my time during dinner. Usually I like to watch “TV” (on my computer — I haven’t owned an actual television in years), but I’ve been trying to save money on streaming services like Netflix, especially since there isn’t much on said services I really want to see at the moment.

The Broadcast mission in The Secret WorldThis past October I had the idea for a seasonally appropriate diversion. One of my favourite ever pieces of content in The Secret World was the Halloween mission “The Broadcast,” which involved a series of haunted radios. Exorcising all nine radios awarded the player with an in-game item they could use to listen to the audio dramas playing on the radios at any time.

It’s an incredibly cool idea, but I’d never really gotten around to sitting down and listening to them, with the exception of the famous Orson Welles War…

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